85 | Prepare to Onboard Yourself

Onboarding Estimate = ~10 hours

You can offer this for free as part of your offer, or do it "on the clock."

Send your client Onboarding Progress Updates

1. I will typically login to "your office" (aka my browser for you) at least once a day, Monday through Friday, to at least check [INSERT CHAT TOOL]. Thus, you should expect a response time of 24 business hours to anything you say in the chat. If, however, you have a true emergency at any time, you may call or text my emergency line: [INSERT PERSONAL PHONE NUMBER]. No need to apologize if this does happen; it's understandable.

2. I typically invoice all my clients around the 23rd of the month for a monthly retainer that they pay ahead of time. I'm going to go ahead and do that for you as well so I can get you into my system, but since [MONTH] is a trial month, the due date will be the end of [MONTH], so you don't have to pay me right away.

3. All of this onboarding work and set-up is complimentary and allows me to be ready (and have complete peace of mind) to go on day 1 -- no dilly dally. The [INSERT #] hours will start on [DATE]. I'll request to schedule an "off the clock" meeting with you to discuss our trial at the end of my [INSERT #] hours of work.

4. You are welcome to meet with me on Zoom anytime. You can send me your scheduler to choose from, or just schedule on my calendar specifically for private clients: [SCHEDULER LINK]

If you want to chat before [DATE], I'll consider it an onboarding conversation off-the-clock. If you schedule something on or after [DATE], it will be considered on-the-clock.

5. Do you have any lingering questions for me before we get started?

If you want to make sure that you onboard yourself productively, go to WorkflowWonder.com and check out the Workflow Wonder program.

Ready, set, DONE! ✅

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