79 | Learn the Fundamentals of Productivity

Learn the fundamental philosophy and foundation of effective workflows, time and task management, and systemizing FROM SCRATCH, so that you can walk away with understanding of what works and how it works.

Then, when you go to use fancy tools like Asana, Trello, ClickUp, BaseCamp, etc. with their fancy automations and dashboards, etc., you KNOW how to engage and what the most important elements are.

This knowledge is going to be what makes you super flexible and invaluable to your clients because it won't matter what tool you use. New tools are coming out everyday, and they're amazing, and they have fancy AI or complex algorithms built in.

Before we get into the bots that send us agendas, dashboards that show us everything at a glance, how to use GANTT charts and task dependabilities, we need to understand the basic building blocks so no matter what new tool shows up, we can adapt and properly engage with it without wasting our time or our clients' time.

It's easy to get lost in learning / PLAYING with a new tool where you get a false sense that you're being productive form the neat organization of information.

But the real value is in the ENGAGEMENT and ACTION that you take to deliver results.

That is what will make you a super assistant, not just "making things pretty"

If you want to dive deeper into the fundamentals of productivity, go to WorkflowWonder.com, I have a complete program for super assistants and entrepreneurs called Super Assistant Productivity.

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