78 | Proactively Systemize

Why do we make life seem so hard?

Why do something over and over and over again when we live in a world with such amazing technology and automation capabilities?

I'm not talking about crazy futuristic AI technology.

I'm talking about the basics: lists, procedures, templates, and simple macros.

Have you ever scrambled to pack for a trip? No packing list... just walking about your home, grabbing what you think you'll need?

How did that feel? Did it feel easy, or did you get overwhelmed at any point?

Now, have you ever packed for a trip with a plan? Maybe there was a clear itinerary or even a packing list.

How did that feel? Easier, maybe?

Here's a news flash: It's okay to do things the easy way.

It's not cheating to follow a checklist, or use a template, or have a computer do the work for you.

Lists can be easy reference, procedures can help you do the same thing over again without missing any details, and templates can save you SO MUCH TIME!

Don't reinvent the wheel.

And, for goodness sake, use text expanders as much as possible. You don't need to type out your bio, your address, or that ridiculously long URL every time.

There are free and paid text expanders for your device... find one and use it! When you type a few keystrokes, you can pull out full sentences or even paragraphs. It's amazing!

Sometimes you'll feel unproductive simply because your workload seems hard... so find ways to make it easy.

It's okay. You're allowed. An easy life is way more fun.

Learning how to proactively systemize so that you can truly FLOW with your work is a key element of The Ultimate Productivity Workflow.

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Ready, set, DONE! ✅

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