77 | Fiercely Follow-up

It's so important to take ownership over your workload so you can make magic happen with your productivity.

But, owning your workload isn't enough these days, is it?

We often work with other people.

And their workload affects your workflow.

You could be humming along on a project, then hit a roadblock where you have to wait for someone else.

Isn't that annoying?

It feels like you don't have any control over it, right?

You can't control someone else's productivity.

...or can you?!

At the very least, you can fiercely follow-up.

You probably don't love following up, but it's absolutely crucial to your workflow.

And you're doing everyone a favor.

When you follow-up, you're obviously helping yourself so that your workflow doesn't get interrupted.

But, you're also helping the other person. They may need a reminder. They may not have The Ultimate Productivity Workflow to guide them along in their workload. (You can always invite them to learn about it though! 😉*)*

Pretending that other people will have their shit together is a joke.

It's a hope and a prayer... and often, a disappointment.

You're going to need a system in place to make sure you don't get screwed over by someone else's lack of productivity.

Take control of your goals by fiercely following up on your team, your clients, your boss, and even your family.

This is just one key part of The Ultimate Productivity Workflow and you can learn about the whole process.

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Ready, set, DONE! ✅

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