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The Productivity Tip of the Day™ is: Prioritize daily.

Now, I say prioritize daily because it's not just a one-and-done event. A lot of people will prioritize their goals maybe once a year, around New Year's, or just for like the quarter. Maybe some high achievers are prioritizing their goals for the month or the week, but I think it should be done on a daily basis, because so many things can change over time. So it's important, every day, to make sure that your priorities from yesterday are still your priorities today. Have you accomplished something? Is there room for changing what your priorities are? You know, anything can happen, in your life, in your business, so making sure you are intentional about what you are doing when is critical to productivity. So you're going to prioritize daily.

Now, if you've been following along with these tips and actually implementing them as you go, you will want to start with your big goals, your big-picture goals. Looking at your desired results for your life, you'll want to prioritize which of those you are going to currently work on. So like I said yesterday, when we are organizing all of the desired results that we want, we might end up only focusing on a few of those, and the rest, we'll still work on, but not necessarily today, or this month, or this quarter, or this year. But we can still keep all of those notes, and have them there as a reference so that when we do finally achieve what we are setting out to achieve, we have a kind of backlog of things that we can fill in the gaps.

So prioritizing is great for those big pictures, but also within each of those desired results, we've brain-dumped a whole bunch of ideas for how we could get this done. Now it's time to start to prune that list and get really specific about what are we actually going to do. So prioritizing is both selecting what is the most important, but it's also kind of deciding what's not important. Maybe there are activities that you dumped in there as ideas that aren't going to be as useful in terms of actually achieving the goal as other things. It's a very important task to figure out the entire plan for that goal and then organize it in such a way that makes sense for what needs to get done first, and next to finally get to the result.

It seems like a simple task. You know, oh, all you have to do now is prioritize, but it's a huge task. We know, so within all of that, we're actually going to be spending the rest of the week talking about planning, and creating habits, and all sorts of things like that, but we want to prioritize first, so that we know what we're actually going to be creating routines around and what we're actually going to be doing versus not doing. So, feel free to take some time to prioritize those big goals, but then you'll probably need to actually block off some time to look at each of the desired results and all of the many tasks underneath that; on prioritizing all of that.

Then we'll talk about how we actually go around to plan the execution of all of this, and actually start accomplishing things and being productive in the next few tips.

Tomorrow, I'm going to talk to you about the most important tool you need to have for productivity, so please stay tuned for that. ​

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