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Hey there! I'm Marian Knopp, the Online Business Systemizer at marianknopp.com.

The Productivity Tip of the Day™ is: Get clear on your desired results.

We sometimes get caught up in the tasks that are on our to-do list or the ideas that we have, whatever is directly in front of us. We can put a bit too much focus on them without being clear on what our overarching goals are; what the big picture is all about for us. It's really important to think about the work that you want to accomplish at a higher level by looking at the end result that you're trying to achieve.

Instead of thinking, "I need to write a bunch more blog posts," for example, think about what the desired result is that you're trying to achieve with that activity. For that example, it would be something like, "I want to have a blog with current and relevant posts that get X amount of views each week by December 2019." I just tied in a deadline into it, just to envision what that future would look like and it helps you when you get to tomorrow's step, which is all about planning to achieve those results to know how much time do I have to get to that result.

If it's June right now and I have a goal for December, it's kind of the end of June right now. We're looking at five months on how I want to achieve that. So what steps are going to be needed to do to get to that? We'll talk about the tomorrow. Today, I want you to think about big picture stuff. The task of writing a blog post is just one step of the major goal that you want to have to have a really successful blog. We'll talk about all the nitty-gritty details of all of those tasks tomorrow, but today, we're focusing on everything that will be the catalyst for why you're doing anything you're doing.

When we get to processing our inbox and our to-do list, it will be a lot easier to do so because we'll have these specific categories that each of those task, we hope, will fit into there. So if you need to... If this is a difficult task for you to think, "What am I trying to accomplish with my life?" Look at your current to-do list. It can be inspiration. Be like, "Why do I have this on here? And why am I mowing the grass on Saturdays?" Well, it's because I want to have a nice beautiful home or my children or my pets like to play out in yard and it's nicer for them to do so if there is a mowed lawn.

I don't know why I chose a task I don't do, but that is an example of something that could inspire you to figure out what is the bigger picture. It's a lot easier for me to talk about business tasks. So for business tasks, a lot of the desired results end up being revenue goals, you know, I want to reach a specific revenue goal by the end of the quarter or by the end of the year. Or it could be related to how many customers you're reaching. So maybe you want to have sold to X amount of customers by 2020. Then you can break down. How many customers is that per month? Per week? Per day? What activities will drive that number?

Maybe you have read the 4DX methodology. It is all about having your lead indicators drive what your lag indicators are. So you have these desired results that you want to achieve, what activities are going to be needed to achieve those? We're thinking about the lag indicators today. In your personal life, maybe there are relationship goals, maybe there are family goals, maybe you want to have started a long term relationship by 2020, maybe you want to provide a loving home centered around serving others for your family. Personally, this is difficult for me to talk about because I'm oriented very much around the short term rather than long term. But it's still such an important exercise to do, and that's why this exercise is so hard for me to think about, "Okay, what would my life look life in a year or five years, 10 years if everything went the way that I wanted it to? What am I striving to achieve?"

You can make a plan which is what I'm all about. I love making plans. I love achieving and being productive and accomplishing. I can't do any of those things if I don't know what my end goal is; what my desired result is. It's all pointless. It's all just guess work if I don't have an end goal. So today, I really want you to think about what are your desired results in your life, in your business, what is it that you want to achieve, who do you want to serve, all of those big picture questions. Some of you are really good at this stuff. So you can just journal in five minutes and you'd be done with it.

And others of you, probably, are like me and are like, "Wow. This might take a while." That's okay. You don't have to do this all over a night. Just because it's the "productivity tip of the day" doesn't mean you have to accomplish it in a day. You can think about this and come back to it and work through it. It's going to constantly change and evolve. Something that I learned really quickly when I started to really get into productivity and really get into accomplishment is I would achieve my goal and then I would have to figure out what my next goal was. One of my career goals was to become an executive assistant, and then I got there. And then I was like, "Now what?"

I worked so hard. I worked so hard to get to that point, and then I got there, and then I was like, "Oh, shoot. Now I need to make a bigger goal. Make a goal that makes more sense for who I am now." So, take some time and think about that, and let me know how that goes. Again, like I said, tomorrow, we'll talk about mapping out the how to accomplish these desired results which is a bit easier for somebody like me and maybe that would be harder for some of you. So, it's all right, because we have to do both of these things, outlining what the big goals are and then making the plan to achieve them.

That's it for today.

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I hope to see you guys tomorrow. 


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