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Hey there! I'm Marian Knopp, the Online Business Systemizer at marianknopp.com.

The Productivity Tip of the Day™ is: Google it!

This is my favorite reason for staying online and having access to the internet. You all know it. You all love it. Search engines are incredible resources, and I'm not just saying that because I worked in libraries. They really can help you be more productive in your life and get answers quickly.

Here's why: Instead of taking the time to write a question that you have, or a thought, or an idea that you have, into your to-do list, you can use the same amount of time you would writing it into your to-do list to search in a search engine and get your answers ... so that you can instead put the next action into your to-do list.

In my favorite book, Getting Things Done by David Allen ... I love that book. I highly recommend it. It's the Art of Stress-Free Productivity. He talks about the two-minute rule. In the two-minute rule, when you're processing your inbox whether it's physical, digital, wherever you have an inbox of all the things you need to do ... if the task will take two minutes or less, just do it. Don't schedule it. Don't put it off. Just do it. It's only two minutes.

So this tip is in conjunction with that, because you would be surprised how quickly you can get the answers now using search engines. I'm not talking about intensive research. If you're doing intensive research, it makes sense to add this to your to-do list so you can take the time to assess for quality and check your sources. I wouldn't be a good librarian if it didn't tell you to do that. But most of the inquiries that you have, most of the ideas you have, can be answered by general information that you find on the internet.

Like recipes, addresses, open and close times. All sorts of quick answers that you just need a definition of. Anything like that can easily be found so much quicker than thinking about it, and then writing it into your to-do list, or putting it in your inbox, when you could have just used the same amount of time to find the answer and move on.

I actually did this recently. I am part of a community supported agriculture membership, so that means each week we get a bag of fresh local veggies. This happens to be a local organic farm in our area. And they gave me a huge Chinese cabbage. Normally when I get Chinese cabbage, I make kimchi. But the other day, I just wanted to cook it. I just didn't want to go through the process of kimchi. If anyone's made Kimchi, you know it's a bit of a process, and there's time consumed in that.

So I decided I'll cook it and find a recipe. And I almost ... because it's still so hard to actually implement this in your life consistently ... I almost wrote down "recipe for Chinese cabbage" into my inbox. But then I was like, "Wait a minute. Let me just figure this out. And then I'll put my recipe in the inbox." So that's what I did. And you can Google, Pinterest, YouTube, whatever your inquiry calls for. You don't have to Google it. You could Bing it or Yahoo it. Do people say that? Do people say Bing it? Yahoo it? That seems weird.

"Google it" feels right, but I'm not sponsored or anything like that. So just searching for it and then I found the recipe that I was going to use for dinner that night. I put that in my inbox, or put that in your calendar, wherever you are housing the answers for your inquiries.

Keep the internet on. Be online. Because you never know when that inspiration is going to strike when you need those answers. This, like I said, was a difficult productivity tip for me to implement consistently. Sure, we've all searched for things. We've all Googled things, YouTubed things, whatever. But actually doing it on a consistent basis and making sure that we're saving ourselves the time by finding the answers right away will have surprising benefits. There's so many things that have been on my to-do list in the past that if I had just searched for it when I had the idea, it wouldn't have stayed on my to-do list for so long, and I would have moved forward with that project a lot quicker.

Challenge yourself when you are making a list of the things you have to do for the day, or you just have some inspiration. It's cheesy. As cheesy as it is, you've all been in those social situations where we're like, "Well, let's just Google that." It's cheesy. I know. But you get your answer, and you can move on with your life, and you can be that much more productive. We live in a wonderful time where we have access to such a plethora of information.

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Stay tuned for tomorrow's tip where I will talk a bit more about adding to your to-do list.

See you then!

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