1 | 17 | Assign a role for who ever is responsible for completing each task procedure

Hi there! I'm Marian Knopp, the Online Business Systemizer at marianknopp.com.

The Productivity Tip of the Day™ is: Assign a role for who ever is responsible for completing each task procedure

Now, notice that I said, "assign a role." I didn't say assign someone's name or a certain person. For a lot of you as solo-preneurs who are just doing things on your own, this is going to just be yourself. It might be, you know, business owner or head of household or whatever your role is.

The reason why we want to use roles instead of specific people is because the people may change. And so, this just saves you a headache when it comes to outsourcing things. A lot of the first couple of procedures that you will write are those easy tasks that you'll really be able to outsource. So, I encourage you to go ahead and fill in the role that you're hoping will fill this.

If you are working by yourself and you don't have an assistant yet, maybe you put in the role of assistant, even though right now you're playing the role of business owner and assistant and accountant and marketing specialist ... you're doing everything. But go ahead and fill in roles, because that will help you when it comes time to outsource, to be able to say, "Okay, all of these procedures go with this person." And it's easier to organize that as well.

You could even put it into different contexts, different lists in your dashboard for each role, so that maybe you do all of your marketing tasks at the same time, or maybe you do all of your operations tasks or all of your accounting tasks together, until you finally hire that bookkeeper or that assistant that you need.

It doesn't have to be restricted to business tasks. Home managers are really popular nowadays. So, if you have chores around the house and you're not one of those people that enjoys those kinds of things, then maybe, when you're writing up the procedure for how you meal plan or how you clean the house, what you need to do daily, weekly, monthly for all of your house chores, maybe you assign the role of house manager. And then, one day when you're ready to outsource to a house manager, you're ready to go. You just show them the procedures, and off they go, and they can get everything done.

So this is a really important detail in all of your procedures. It's not enough that you wrote down the details and when the task gets done. It's also important to know who is doing the task.

So, that's it. That's an easy, quick little tip today, the "who" of your tasks. Tomorrow, we'll talk about the key detail you need for your tasks to help with accountability and prioritization, especially if you do have a team and you are able to assign a role to your tasks and actually hand them off today to your team members. That's fantastic. So, we're going to talk a little bit about how accountability and prioritization will happen in tomorrow's tip.

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