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The Productivity Tip of the Day™ is: Use a Waiting For list for delegated tasks.

This is the next step in your productivity. We've been talking a lot about how you can be more productive, and the things that you can do to get things done in your life. But if you really want to up level your productivity, you got to invite other people in. So, that is all about delegation and teamwork, and really growing and scaling your business to take it to the next level. Recognizing that there are other people out there that can do some of the things that you're doing just as well or even better than you.

And that can be really hard for people who have this sense of control that they need to have. But once you are able to delegate, and you get comfortable with that, there's no stopping you. And you can really do a great deal of outsourcing and scaling once that happens. And this is something that I love helping my online business clients with. So, if you are interested in kind of taking the next step and leveling up your game, let me know. I would love to hop on a discovery call with you. You can schedule one at marianknopp.com. But let's get back to the tip. Use a waiting for list for delegated tasks.

So, what we talked about yesterday is the general workflow is looking at your calendar for your time based tasks, looking at your scheduled task list of day specific tasks. And then looking at all your next actions. So, that's how you're getting things done. But at some point you're finishing something. Does it just go away? No. Oftentimes you have to wait for something else, and then you do something else, and there's kind of a give and take with a lot of the tasks that we do. Now, of course there are tasks that you do and you're done, and it's over with, and there's no more you need to follow up. But for those tasks that you need to follow up, the waiting for list is amazing. So, this is a list that I have right after the next action list or if you have multiple next action list. I have it after that. So, it's just one list, and it's all of the things that I'm waiting for. I can't do anything until something else is done. Or I'm just simply waiting for affirmation, a confirmation that something has been delivered, reviewed, done, whatever.

So, this kind of a great way of tracking things and also never dropping the ball. One of the things that I'm known for is that I never drop job tasks. I always am able to keep things going, and I don't lose things. Half of that is because I just take notes, and I'm really good at capturing tasks when they're given. And when people claim that they're going to do something. The other half is the power of the followup, and my ability to track everything using the waiting for list. So, my formula for all of the tasks that are in the waiting for list are waiting for blank to blank. So, the first blank is the who or the what that I'm waiting for. And then the second blank I'm waiting for them to do what, or a certain event to occur.

So, this could be that I'm waiting for Jesse to review the schedule for next month. I'm waiting for so and so to... I'm drawing a blank. I should've prepared for this. I'm waiting for so and so to confirm their meeting with me, whatever it may be. So, these are things... A lot of my waiting for tasks happen to be me delivering something, and then I'm just waiting for someone to confirm that that is satisfactory, or acknowledge the receipt. Or they may have next actions that need to happen after that. And so that's why it's important not to just be done and archive that, because you never know if it needs to come back up, or if there's more that needs to be done or revisions that need to be made. And so that's why my waiting for list is always got stuff happening, because I'm always doing things, so I'm always waiting for review and confirmation on such.

But then there's also the tasks that you just simply have delegated. You didn't really do anything except tell somebody, "Hey, can you do this for me?" Or maybe you've sent an email to have somebody... This happens a lot, where you're asking somebody to schedule a meeting with you. Now you're waiting for them to do that. And there's a lot of ways that you can do this within certain contexts. So, like with email, we will eventually talk about a tip called my waiting for folder and my email. But for this specific tip, we're talking about the task management workflow. And so these are just the tasks that I'm waiting for other people to do. And yeah, I think that's the best explanation I can give.

There are so many different little scenarios of like I'm waiting for a certain goal to be accomplished before I start a new project. So, that's another waiting for. It's not necessarily a person I'm waiting for, but an achievement that I'm waiting for it to be accomplished. Yeah, those are pretty much the main examples for what you can use to waiting for... the waiting for list for. So, try it out. Maybe think of some things that you're currently waiting for. Where are you blocked? That's a common phrase used in a lot of project management. Philosophies is blocked, they're tasks that you can't do anything about because you're waiting on somebody else to do something. So, you might even change this to your blocked list, like all the things that you're blocked on because you're waiting for other people. It's out of your control per se.

So try it out and see if that helps you gain clarity and feel a little more in control, because even if you're not actually doing it, you are tracking that it's getting done. So, you still have that responsibility. And then eventually, if you're delegating the same thing over and over to the same people, you'll be able to just give them ownership of the tasks, and you won't have to track them at all. And that's when real freedom happens.

All right, so that is our tip for the day. For those of you who are using Trello to create your task management system, I'll be talking about some of my favorite power ups for your dashboard tomorrow. So, that'll be a little fun tip for your Friday. And if you haven't yet, I recommend signing up for my email newsletter at marianknopp.com because I love writing emails, and I think a lot of people enjoy getting mail whether it's physical mail, but even emails. And this is a great newsletter to get like real emails from me, because it is from me. It's not like somebody else is writing it. It's not a huge pitch or anything. It's not one of these glossy advertising emails that you get from your favorite stores. It's just a letter from me a few times a week that I just like to share my additional tips, and some of the things that I've got going on in my head.

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